Picture yourself and your loved ones gathered around a cozy fire...

You're looking through boxes of old photographs, images that tell the story of the people you love. You reminisce, sharing laughter, memories, and perhaps even tears as the photos you hold connect and transport you to times and places you had almost forgotten. Your heart fills with love as you share stories of the beautiful moments that you now remember because of a photograph. 

This is what I live for.

of my favorite things

These are a few

When I look through my camera lens, I see LOVE.

My love for photography began simply like countless others…while photographing my children. I’d set the timer on my camera and run into the frame just in time to smile for a family photo! When I started my business in 2011, it was a practical idea to use my creativity to help fund my children’s college educations; little did I know that what began as a financial necessity would become a vital part of what feeds my soul. There is no greater joy than to see my clients laugh, hug, connect and spend just a bit of time together to document their love. It is truly a privilege and a blessing to be trusted to do this very important job! When our time together is over, my heart is full (and my desire is that YOURS will be, too!)
How lucky can one girl get? 

I'm Pam: A lover of Jesus, Broadway musicals, watching the sunset from my kitchen window, cool crisp air, that first sip of coffee, and of course, my job: photographing life’s most precious moments.

behind the lens

the heart

I love Sunday drives, laughing ‘til I cry, philosophical conversations, and the sound of my daughters giggling at the kitchen table.

You're more likely to see me watching the "Behind the Scenes" extras over the actual movie. Watching the creative team bring something to life is amazing! 

(We can do that, too; I love collaborating with clients!)

I'm not a martian, but my name is on Mars!

 I was part of testing the Mars Rover airbags! Everyone involved signed their names on a document that was sent up to Mars on the Rover! 

I love my coffee strong and bold with heavy whipping cream or butter.

(Why drink just hot water?)

I’m an extroverted introvert.

I toured the Avenger's movie set when a part of the movie was filmed where I work!

(And ladies, YES, Chris Hemsworth was just a mile down the road!)

I keep my Christmas tree up until February.

(Don’t judge, it goes really well with my décor!).



About Me

  • An artistic eye to create images you’ll love
  • Attention to every detail to make sure we capture your vision
  • Loads of encouragement to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera
  • A relaxed environment for a no-stress session
  • And, as always, an open heart!

What I bring to every session: